Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Designer Love: Ila & I

If you're into colored stones, here's a designer that uses them really well. I think colored stones can very easily look tacky if not used in a thoughtful way. Ila & I jewelry is vintage inspired but made to look modern with the use of colored stones. These jewels caught my eye because of the brilliant colored combinations beautifully set in gold. The more I explored the collection, the more I fell in love with the designs.

Both above Instagram photos are pulled from @Eliza_Page_Jewelry.

Ila & I also stands out to me because it's a brother, sister design team. And the jewelry is so wearable, but also edgy. And traditional at the same time! I'm a bit in awe at how they so gracefully combine all of those elements. The designs feel easy and interesting - not forced or cluttered.




I could probably ramble on about Ila & I for hours...as I could jewelry in general. Now I must find a place in Colorado where these pieces are sold so I can see them in person!



Sunday, April 13, 2014

Local love: Blood + Sister

Hello! Happy Sunday, friends. It feels like the east coast in Denver today - cloudy, cold and rainy. Last night I went to the opening of a very cool collaboration at Leon Gallery - both artists and their collaboration are so good that I have to share.

The collaboration between tattoo artist, Sandi, and photographer, Blair, is called Blood + Sister and is "the embodiment of female collaboration." Both of these ladies are insanely talented and yet so humble. Something about this spoke to me because there is often not much support between females. 

Like I said about The Both yesterday - their art is both passive and active - interesting, yet not forced. The painted details by Sandi beautifully support Blair's photography. 

Even if you aren't local, check this out online! And if you do live in Denver, I recommend visiting the Leon Gallery before May 11th. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Music: The Both

Funny, I was just thinking that there haven't been any exciting releases recently. Then, while listening to NPR, I learned that Ted Leo and Aimee Mann have collaborated on an album.

Aimee has a beautifully haunting voice, while Ted Leo brings the upbeat pop - it makes for a really interesting sound! Both singers I've been a fan of - they sound fresh and energized on this album. It's light, but there's something more too it which really draws you in. I can tell this will be on heavy rotation for a bit - finally, new music I'm excited about!

Their self titled album comes out on April 15th, but it's streaming now!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday I'm in Love: Music & Jewels

Stud earrings are in! I had to share this photo that Quadrum Gallery posted on their Instagram yesterday - pretty Todd Reed studs! I would so love to mix and match these.

I haven't been listening to too much new music. Mostly old favorites. Earlier this week I put on The Wonder Years while cleaning the house and danced around - I was reminded of my love for pop-punk, so I've been listening to all of the classics from the early 2000s. This band is not pop-punk, because I know the masses don't love it the same way I do.

This band, South of France, is local to Colorado and suited my mood this sunny, Friday morning.

Happy almost weekend, friends! What are you loving today? 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Raising the bar.

Bar necklaces have be on trend for the past couple of years and while I liked the original look - dainty and simple - I love the new styles of this trend. The geometric thing is a bit tired, in my opinion, but I think this look is still edgy and interesting.


I also love these takes on the look. Very cool pieces for everyday wear by two designers who do minimalism and straight lines really well - Hirotaka and Selin Kent. 

How rad are these earrings by Hirotaka? Super interesting but minimal at the same time.

Interlocking rings by a favorite designer of mine - Selin Kent

Bar earrings are everywhere now - I like the little ones like these by Selin Kent. In high school I used to wear three studs in each ear - that look seems to be coming back.

Another awesome ring by Selin Kent - check out her designs!



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Designer Love: Audrius Krulis

Like I said in my previous post, I was at a trade show / conference in Chicago this past weekend. The best part of attending trade shows is not only discovering new designers, but getting to actually touch and try on their jewels. Images never do jewelry justice in my opinion - and nothing compares to trying a piece on.

One that caught my eye was Audrius Krulis.

These designs are so easy - what I mean is, the designs are interesting but not forced. 

I had the pleasure of meeting the designer at the trade show - I think he has a strong point of view and I'm looking forward to watching this line grow. 

Audrius Krulis' designs remind me of a cooler version of Alex Sepkus - Check out more designs here: http://audriuskrulis.squarespace.com/

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Designer Love: Just Jules

My last post was about antique lockets, so this is a nice follow-up. While in Chicago at a conference / trade show I met a designer I've admired since I first started working in the industry - Julie from Just Jules. Although everyone is reinventing antique jewels now, I believe she was one of the first. 


I am hoping to have her recreate an antique locket I found. See more of her designs here: justjules.com